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The Project Server Compliance Reporting Tool (PCRT)

PCRT for Project Server 2003

Microsoft Project Server reporting toolThe Project Server Compliance Reporting Tool (PCRT) is a simple, yet powerful tool that generates reports to display resource and project manager compliance information.

There are no reports or features in Project Server that let you know if people are updating activities or processing updates from team members. Without this information you are mostly left in the dark regarding what users are really doing with the system during each of your reporting time periods.

MS Project Server reporting toolIf resources have not submitted all their time then your project status is incomplete. If project managers have not accepted status updates from resources then your project status is incomplete. With PCRT you now have the information available to take action to ensure all stakeholders are viewing accurate project metrics for the respective reporting period. Accurate and timely compliance with update requirements facilitates accurate project management reporting and allows you to better manage user performance.             


Resource Reports

Microsoft Project Server reporting tool report selection

PCRT Select Report Dialog Box - Click to Enlarge

Report fomr the Microsoft Project Server reporting tool

PCRT Report Options Dialog Box - Click to Enlarge

Project Reports

PCRT Features

  • Simple "Wizard Interface"

  • Report against any Project Server database. Ability to specify connection information for a different Project Server 2003 database

  • Preview and print your report and/or export to excel

  • If applicable, the report data is grouped by selected managed periods or date range by the week / month / period defined

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Technical Information


PCRT Version 2.0 is a Visual Basic .net application. It is a Windows application installed on a PC. PCRT communicates with the Project Server Database through a database user assigned read-only access to the Project Server database. The hardware requirements are 6MB of disk space (for the application) and 256MB of RAM (recommended minimum).

Please note: PCRT only selects data from the Project Server database. There are no functions to insert, delete, or update data. PCRT only communicates with a SQL Server 2000 Project Server database; and no other application. PCRT does not transmit any data via the internet; it is designed only to communicate with a Project Server database.


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