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"I found the tools for the class to be very beneficial and will continue to be on the job with the 'cheat sheets' so to speak that will be very useful in the working environment."

- Booz Allen Hamilton, Herndon, VA



"Best training instructor ever!"

- AMTRAK, Washington, DC



"Nice to hear the whole story ... Good, Bad and Ugly sides."

- Emerson, Eden Prairie, MN



"It was a pleasure sitting through your classes.  I enjoyed them all, and think highly about the service you're providing to companies.  Your service is certainly dynamic and accommodating.  I'm glad, also, that there's the possibility of having Tom "in my corner" as we install Project Server for our system."

- MEI Company, Satellite Beach, FL



"Both Ray and Tom displayed a personal / put-to-the-test knowledge of the tool's functions and capabilities (or the lack thereof). I enjoyed the realism of the class, and the fact that both instructors had answers and suggestions for the specific business each student represented."

- Millennium Engineering and Integration Company, Huntsville, AL



"Very knowledgeable, calm and not easily distracted. There were some technical difficulties in the admin class but Tom handled them very well with contingency plans. Ray had a great style and method of delivery."

- Forest Pharmaceuticals, Earth City, MO



"The Ybor Historic District Hilton Hotel was a perfect facility to hold the training! The hotel staff were very professional and the rooms were very comfortable! It's an excellent place to hold such a 'Boot Camp'! "

- BP, North Slope, Alaska



“Excellent teachers & their background gave them credibility…I learned many tangible processes & techniques and can (and will) put them to use next week."

- Information Technology

Fortis, Minneapolis, Minnesota



“Clearly, one of the best seminars I have taken.”

- Construction Manager

St. Johns River Water Management District, Jacksonville, Florida



 “Highly relevant course…”

- IT Manager

US Secret Service, Washington, DC



"I just wanted to express my thanks for such a great Microsoft Project class last week in Kansas City.  I really enjoyed the class and learned so much from it.  Having sat through numerous training classes and workshops, I can say that I enjoyed your "teaching style" and the wealth of knowledge that you shared with us.”

- Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO 



"Great class! Well worth the time. Don't know how I've been accomplishing things without this knowledge."

- Houlihan's Restaurant, Kansas City, Missouri



“Outstanding...taking the most common used features of MS Project and putting them in a fairly user friendly form...genius”

- USSOCOM, Tampa, Florida



"I was only in the class taught by Tom. He was an excellent instructor. The methods they used to teach the class led to a much better end product with regards to the total quality of the training. I was also so impressed with the feedback I received from the other students about the quality of Ray's instruction that we are looking into further training."

- General Dynamics, St. Petersburg, Florida



“Instructor very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience.”

- Siemens, Orlando, FL



“It was a very powerful class for me.”

- Security Technologies, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Great tools. Thank you for providing them. Great reference materials to refer back to. Extremely pleased."

- Scantron, Orlando, FL



"Ray was warm, genuine, and a wonderful teacher. I appreciate his time in describing an extremely complex system and its utility."

- American College of Radiology, Philadelphia, PA



"Enjoyed both instructors. They taught me a lot about MS Project and Project Server."

- Federal Express, Nashville, TN



"Both instructors were great!"

- City of Boise, Boise, ID



"Tom is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed learning from him. He quickly grasped how we will be using Project Server and tailored the discussions based on options we will be implementing, so we didn't spend a lot of time talking about features we won't be using - that was really helpful. Despite the frequent tendency for some participants to lead us off on a tangent, Tom did a great job of keeping us focused. Really appreciated the lunches out!"

- DynCorp International, Fort Worth, TX



"Superb! Well versed and knowledgeable. Tailored the course to meet the needs of the student - me."

- GAIC, Cincinnati, OH


"Both Ray Coker and Tom Sherry were very knowledgable instructors in teaching the concepts of EPM! They took the time to answer all questions and provided thorough answers throughout the week-long 'Boot Camp'! The materials will all be extremely valuable toward my future project management work!"

- BP Exploration/Alaska, Cheyenne, WY


"Ray and Tom are both very impressive Professionals. I would recommend PSSI to anyone requiring in-depth EPM training."

- Elster AMCO Water, Inc, Ocala, FL


"Ray did a great job. He is a fantastic instructor with an ability to connect with and captivate his audience - impressive in such a short period of time. Ray is an asset to his company and should come back to KC As Soon As Possible."

- Kimberly-Clark, Atlanta, GA


"Awesome. Best group dynamics and class interaction I have had in a long time." 

 - Progressive Energy, St. Petersburg, FL


"The lessons learned and information taken away from this course will definitely help us in the managing and configuration of this tool.

- SAIC, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


"Tom was a very good instructor, very knowledgeable and able to address all questions asked.  Everyone needs a week of his time after training to sit with them at their desk in the 'real world.'"

- Perrigo Company, Allegan, Michigan



Public Training for MS Project and Project Server 2007

Monthly Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server Workshops

We offer these two public workshops each month:

1) Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 & Project Web Access Training

2) Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Configuration and Administration Training

The first workshop starts Sunday evening at 7PM on the dates listed below and the second workshop starts Wednesday morning at 9AM of the same week, ending Friday end of business.

Take both classes together for a Microsoft Enterprise Project Management boot camp. Microsoft Office Project Server 2007Microsoft Office Project 2007 Professional

Most of the information regarding these courses is listed below, but please feel free to call us with questions or to schedule time to talk to an instructor regarding content and "best fit" questions you have.



Current Dates for Microsoft Project and Project Server Workshops



January 9-14

April, 10-15

July 17-22

October 16-21

February 13-18

May 8-13

August 21-26

November 13-18

March 13-18

June 19-24

September 18-23

December 11-16



Workshops Taught Back-To-Back (Take One or Both Together)

Course 1 Offering:
Microsoft Office Project / PWA 2007 as Client -
Planning and Managing in the Enterprise

Microsoft Project & Project Web Access Training



Sunday Evening (7:00PM to 9:30PM), Monday & Tuesday of Scheduled Week



Historic Ybor (Tampa, Florida)


$2,050 (Take both courses for $4,150.00,  savings $750.00)


Participants are presented the key conceptual areas of MS Project and Project Web Access with an emphasis on the enterprise features. This training class covers all of the basic functionality. This is a fast paced MS Project course designed to provide complete overview of the product.


- Setting up the work environment

Working with project plans in the enterprise

Managing the local cache and working offline

Working with multiple login accounts

Loading resource summary information

Working with enterprise template files

Managing the local GLOBAL.mpt and the interaction with the Enterprise Global

Understanding Microsoft Project geography and using row zero

Management of calendars for projects, tasks and resources and the impact on scheduling

Using local user preferences and defaults in the enterprise

- Creating a work breakdown structure

Overview of WBS and related features

Type of records (objects) in a project plan

- Estimating task requirements

The proper use of the notes fields and how they can be used to manage work packages

Overview of the 7 Step Microsoft Project Estimating Model

Estimating approaches in Microsoft Project (work, duration, mixed)

Three point estimating in Microsoft Project

Review of timing constraints and the impact on scheduling

- Determining task logic (CPM/network)

Soft logic vs. hard logic

Link types and the different ways to set dependencies

Cross project links and master projects

Working with deliverables in the workspace

Review of critical path and critical path method

How critical path is calculated in Microsoft Project

Overview of Network diagrams

- Defining and assigning resources

The types of resources

Defining resources and building your project team from multiple sources

Defining task behavior and predicting the impact on task duration and work

“Looking both ways” carefully completing the work package estimate by assigning resources

- Leveling workloads

Resource summary information across projects in the enterprise

Reviewing workloads and determining overallocation cause

Leveling resource workloads across projects

“Top Speed” a review of resource leveling algorithms

- Baselining a Project

Comparison theory

Review of what is current, baseline and actual

Baselining options

Considering the thinking behind multiple baselines and interim plans

Comparing mulitiple project baselines

- Tracking a project

Defining the tracking model

Approach to updating a project plan
EVM and variance analysis of the project and task and resource records

- Working with Project Web Access (task management, workflow, document and list management)


Course 2 Offering:
Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Configuration and Administration

MS Project Server Configuration and Administration Training



Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of Scheduled Week



Historic Ybor (Tampa, Florida)


$2,850.00 (Take both courses for $4,150.00,  savings $750.00)

The Configuration and Administration training is a three day functional hands-on class where students learn how to perform a functional configuration and administer Project Server for their organization. This is not a technical administration or DBA class, but rather a Microsoft Office Project Server course on the actual configuration (permissions, tracking choices, view creations, enterprise fields, importing projects, etc.) and administration of MS Project Server for a specific use within an organization.  Students work in their own Project Server environment to configure, and then administer Project Server. "You must know how it is built in order to properly administrate."


- Review Configuration Planning & analysis

- Configure enterprise calendars

- Configure enterprise resources

- Define enterprise custom fields

- Define financial period

- Define timesheet period

- Review filters & groups

- Review views/tables/forms

- Import/create enterprise resources

- Review enterprise resource configuration

- Review enterprise project configuration

- Enterprise project templates

- Configure PWA

- Configure enterprise options

- Configure task settings and defaults

- Configure administrative time

- Configure Project Center, Resource Center, Project, Assignment & Data Analysis views

- Configure graphical indicator views

- Configure PWA for each role

- Configure Project Server security model (templates, categories, groups, and users)

- Configure notifications, alerts and reminders

- Review Project Server Database Administration

- Review Project Server 2007 Queue setting and management

- Review working with SharePoint V3 – Provisioning settings and workspaces


People who come to our workshops frequently tell us that they had considered other courses or had actually signed up for other workshops but they kept getting canceled. If you are shopping around, these are some things to consider when selecting a workshop to attend.


Benefits of Taking These Workshops


  • Get personal attention: Class size limited to 6 people

  • No cancellation: Workshop not canceled for low enrolment

  • Follow-up: Course comes with 10 week study programs (course 1 only)

  • Conceptual vs. the traditional keystroke or "hey, look at these cool features" training methodology

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly presented - no Microsoft hype

  • Boot camp experience to maximize learning and content exposure (pre-work, assignments, working lunches at local restaurants). Get exposure to all EPM content in 1 contiguous week.

  • Highly experienced instructors (download bios of primary instructors in pdf:  RayTom

    • Workshops taught by the same people who developed the courses

    • Taught by instructors who have work with Microsoft Project since the day it was launched and Microsoft Project Server before it was purchased by Microsoft


  • Workbooks/Books appropriate for the courses (4 if taking all three courses)

  • Seven full color laminated 8.5 X 11 reference cards

  • Full color laminated flip chart size posters

  • Process Bridge for Microsoft Project - Cut the learning curve by 75%

  • Two year access to our EPM Reference Portal

Setup and Location

  • Collaborative classroom setup vs. traditional dysfunctional computer lab

  • On-site breakfast, lunch in local restaurants, afternoon refreshments, all day beverage cart

  • Held in historical area (once cigar manufacturing capital of world), 30 plus restaurants in 5 block radius, 10 more within in 5 minute trolley ride to Channelside where the cruise ships dock.

  • Stay where the workshop is held (5 other hotels within walking distance or short trolley car ride)

  • No auto required if staying in the area. 15 minute taxi ride from in-city airport in Tampa, Florida.



Check, Purchase Order with net 30 terms, or major credit card.





Registration is on-line but please contact us with questions and availability

What to Bring to Class


For administration, help in registration, getting a hotel, etc., please call 813-282-8246 or send email to tmiller@pssi.biz


For sales inquiry please call 813-282-8246 or click here to fill out a contact form.



Participant Comments

"Excellent! one of the best trainings I have ever taken. They tell it like it is. This was very refreshing."

- Alliant Energy, Madison, WI


"Highly knowledgeable, answered every question...though both had a distinctly different style. It was a nice change of pace."

- CACI, Alexandria, DC


"As an instructor, Ray is extremely knowledgeable of every aspect of this product. It is very helpful to leave the class feeling confident that you have learned a LOT of necessary information."

- ACS Connect, Brandon, FL


"Tom did a great job making the class informative yet fun. Brought a lot of insight to my personal experience with the tool. Always had time to discuss an issue."

- Tech Data, Clearwater, Fl


"I would like to thank you for a great training experience last week! It was clear to me that both you and Tom are at the VERY TOP of your game! I really appreciated the 'small class' environment and the GREAT lunches that you provided."

- elster, Orlando, Florida


"Ray: Excellent job relating real-life experiences with the system Tom: Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic."

- Chevron, Bangkok, Thailand


"Materials were great and in abundance."

- ASRC Aerospace, Kennedy Space Center, FL


"Ray did a great job! The Process Bridge for MS Project is great.  I am also happy with the materials provided, it provides a great resource for after training so that I am able to refresh my memory."

- ADSResponseCorp, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Excellent instruction. Both Ray and Tom did an excellent job. We would have liked to have more time in the class."

- PEO missiles and Space, Redstone Arsenal, AL


"Enjoyed the instructors insight and additional information relating to project management as well as MS Project in the Enterprise."

- Alliant Energy, Madison, WI


"Especially helpful was the Bridge add-on for MS Project. This tool makes a very difficult process much easier to use. This will go a long way to help me make better use of MS Project."

- Servco Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii


"I enjoyed the class and think this will be very beneficial to my job."

- Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas


“…really great instructor…I learned a great deal in the class.”

- Baylor Healthcare System, Dallas, TX


"The best thing about this course was the instructor - extremely knowledgeable and interesting."

- Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD 


"The instructor was awesome!  He combined real-life examples with the applications, which lent great credibility to his presentation."

- Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals


"The best things about the course were the great examples and making use of our own projects."

- Burris Foods, Milford, Delaware


“One of the best courses I have attended. I learned a lot from the instructor and his CD data.”

- KKE Japan, Tokyo, Japan


"Great Job! Enjoyed the class." 

- AT&T, Parsippany, New Jersey


"The instructor did an excellent job relating real-life experiences to the theory and practice." 

- United Healthcare, Jacksonville, Florida


"The instructor did an excellent job of presenting the material and responding to questions.  He really demonstrated knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject."

- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington, NC


"Very good instructor, comprehensive and knowledgeable. Outstanding materials."
- LightPort Inc., Clearwater, FL

"Outstanding program!!" 
- USNA, Annapolis, MD

"The Process Bridge for Microsoft Project software is great. I will definitely use it."
- Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Jacksonville, FL

"Process Bridge for Microsoft Project is awesome, all the materials for the course are well done and easy to use."
- Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, Utah

"The instructors were extremely versed in the topic and relayed the information in an easily understandable and retainable method, excellent methodology and Trainee interaction."
- US Helicopter, Ozark, AL

"Great materials, well presented."

- Army, Wilmington, NC


"Very experienced and knowledgeable."

- Great American Insurance, Cincinnati, OH


Great location....easy walking distance to a variety of restaurants and an excellent health club (Harbor Island fitness club via trolly)."

- Alliant Energy, Madison, WI


"Both Ray and Tom were awesome. They were prepared and very helpful. Totally Awesome materials. If you update the materials or add new ones. I'd love to get them."

- Acxiom Corporation, Little Rock, AR


"The instruction was excellent and the small class size provided for a great one to one exchange when questions arose. Really like the Process Bridge. The instruction materials are charts are of an extreme help."

- Sisters of Mercy Health System, Chesterfield, MO 


“I think the MS Project and MS Project Server courses were very well conducted and the instructors were great.  Both instructors are very experienced in the tool and provided the training required.  I really enjoyed the training and learned from them both.”

- Eaton, Milwaukee, WI


"One of the best facilitative instructors that I've ever run across."

- Professor, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta GA


"The Bridge Software for MS Project included in the course makes simplicity out of Microsoft's complex tools"

- Systems Analyst, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia


"The best thing about this course was: (1) the instructor was very helpful and very enthusiastic, and (2) the forms to track progress (Focus form, Change form, etc)."

- PacificCare, Cypress, CA  


"More practical and useful than any other management class I've taken." 

- Commerce Bank, Lawrence, KS


"Outstanding, I plan to get up my whole department up to speed with this information."

- State of Missouri Department of Economic Development


"The best thing about the class was the templates provided for each phase"

- Smurfit-Stone, Chicago, Illinois


“Excellent set of materials.”

- NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas


“The Process Bridge software for MS Project is a wonderful time saver.  I also will get a lot of use out of the forms.”

- Omaha Power, Omaha, Nebraska



“I really enjoyed the Integrated Project Management course you taught this week, and I appreciate all the obvious effort you have put into the course to make it so interesting, informative, and fast-moving.”

- Progressive Project Concepts


"Excellent class. It helped cement some areas of Microsoft Project and also clarify some process management relationships."

- Sprint PCS, Reston, Virginia


"Excellent class! Instructor is very skilled at training adults. It could be a boring topic, but was presented in a way that was always interesting and kept everyone's attention."

- American Red Cross, Washington, DC


"I have recommended this workshop to the civil service office that deals with the planning and estimating at this base. I feel your workshop would greatly benefit our overhaul facility"

- vectorCSP, Elizabeth City, NC


"Both Ray and Tom were very knowledgeable on EPM.  Both presented the information very well and in a very professional manner. All materials were timely and the charts are very helpful in laying the process out in an understandable fashion.".

- Gunter Airforce Base, Montgomery, AL


"A well-prepared instructor who was very knowledgeable on the subject matter.  He could also apply the subject to everyday work. Lots of information!!" 

- GeoAccess, Eden Prairie, MN


“Very informative, kept my attention throughout the training. Very good instructor. Thanks.”

- Maritrans, Tampa, FL


"Very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all questions. Terrific class."

- L3 Communications, Providence, Road Island


"Tom and Ray are both excellent instructors. They were very helpful and did an excellent job of addressing the knowledge levels of a diverse class."

- Electric Insurance Company, Beverly, Massachusetts 


Monthly Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server Workshops



 Main Number:






Course 1 Offering:  Microsoft Office Project / PWA 2007 as Client -
Planning and Managing in the Enterprise


Date:  Sunday Evening (7:00PM to 9:30PM), Monday & Tuesday of Scheduled Week

Where:  Historic Ybor (Tampa)
Cost:  $2,050

Sunday Night - Tuesday   


Course 2 Offering:  Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Configuration and Administration


Date:  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of Scheduled Week

Where:  Historic Ybor (Tampa)
Cost:  $2,850.00

Wednesday - Friday 



Promotional pricing for taking multiple Microsoft Project and MS Project Server courses:
Register for Course 1 & 2 for $4,
150.00 (Savings $750.00)




The workshops are held each month is historic Ybor City, Florida. Minutes from downtown Tampa and the Channelside district and a 15 minute taxi ride from the Tampa International airport.


There are over 30 restaurants within in walking distance to where the workshops are conducted at the Hilton Garden Inn, Ybor City, Florida, and a short trolley ride to Channelside and downtown Tampa.





Registration is on-line but please contact us with questions and availability


What to Bring to Class


For administration, help in registration, getting a hotel, etc., please call 813-282-8246 or send email to tmiller@pssi.biz


For sales inquiry please call 813-282-8246 or click here to fill out a contact form.





Purchase order with net 30 terms, check, or major credit card.







Course Description for the 1st Workshop


Course Description for the 2nd Workshop


Course materials description


Instructor bios: RayTom





Training Location


Ybor City Chamber of Commerce


Ybor Times


Ybor City History


Channelside District


Tampa Bay Beaches



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